The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the student-run governing body of fraternities at the University of Washington. IFC is comprised of one representative from each of its member fraternity chapters and seven elected IFC Executive Board Officers, introduced below, who are responsible for representing more than 2000 Greek men.


Erik Johnson


Erik is a sophomore from Camas, Washington studying Electrical Engineering. Following college, he hopes to work for a consumer electronics company creating products that make people’s lives easier. Unfortunately, all of his siblings go to Washington State University. and his favorite aspect of the Greek Community at the University of Washington is the unique fraternity experience that can be had nowhere else.

Office Hours:

Mon: 12:30p - 1:30p, 2:30p - 3:30p
Tues: 12:30p - 1:30p, 2:30p - 3:30p
Wed: 12:30p - 1:30p, 2:30p - 3:30p
Thurs: 12:30p - 1:30p, 2:30p - 3:30p


Andrew Mackinnon

Vice President,

Andrew is a junior from Yakima, WA, studying Aeronautics & Astronautics engineering. After serving as the chapter president for Sigma Nu and as an associate justice on the IFC Standards Board, his passion for giving back to the Greek community led him to run for his position on the Interfraternity Council. Andrew is looking forward to the coming year as Vice President and hopes to make a lasting impact to his community.

Office Hours:

Mon: 9am - 3pm

Wed: 10:30am -12pm


Anthony Hill

Chief Justice,

Anthony is a junior majoring in both Political Science and Education. He was born and raised in Federal Way, Washington. Anthony hopes to either become a college professor or a congressman working in Washington D.C. His favorite part of the Greek Community is the bonds that are bred between people and the potential that lies within the Greek Community that can amount to massive change when we work together.

Office Hours:

Mon: 9am - 1pm

Wed: 9am - 1pm


Michael DiGeronimo

Director of Programming,

Office Hours:

Mon: 2:30pm - 3:30 pm

Wed: 2pm - 4 pm


Conner Kunzman

Director of Finance & Administration,

Conner is a junior studying finance through the Foster school of Business. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies he would like to pursue a career in the wealth management industry. In his free time Conner enjoys fishing and staying active, as well as spending time with friends. His favorite aspect of the Greek Community is its ability to bring people together and form lifelong relationships which otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Office Hours

Tues: 1pm - 3pm

Thurs: 1pm - 3pm


Charlie Rieger

Director of University Affairs,

Charlie is a junior from Spokane, Washington, studying Psychology, Chinese, and Political Science. He hopes to find a career in business or government that will allow him to travel the world. Charlie enjoys biking on a nice day as well as a timeless Pixar film. In addition to making priceless memories with lifelong friends, he appreciates the many opportunities that the Greek Community provides for learning about himself as well as others.

Office Hours:

Mon: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thurs: 10am - 11am

*or by appointment