Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a fraternity?

We’re happy you asked! Click here to learn about why joining a fraternity at the University of Washington is the best decision you can make.

What is the first step to joining a Fraternity?

Whether you just accepted your admission offer to the University of Washington or you’re a returning student, the first step to joining one of our fraternities is by signing up for the recruitment list here. Once your name is on the list, fraternities can reach out to you.

How does the informal recruitment process work?

Once you’ve signed up for the recruitment list, fraternity recruitment chairs will usually begin by inviting you to a house tour to introduce you to their culture, values, and physical house. The house tour will likely be your first interaction with a fraternity and we encourage you to go on as many as you can!

From there, if mutual interest between you and a fraternity continues, you can expect to be invited out to additional recruitment events. If things continue to go well and the fraternity decides they want you to be apart of their organization, they will extend you a bid!

What does it mean to receive a bid?

After you’ve attended enough events at a fraternity and they feel like you’ll be a good fit, they may extend to you a bid. A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. A bid does not have to be signed right away but should be thoughtfully considered.

Once you choose to sign a bid, you officially join a fraternity as a new member. If you’re an incoming freshman/transfer student and sign your bid before August 31st, 2019, you’ll be reimbursed for your housing deposit!

What if I live far away and can’t attend house tours very easily?

Not to worry! We offer a structured recruitment week during the summer where you’ll be able to see and attend recruitment events at all of our chapters. Please keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

My dad was in a fraternity, can I join the same one he was in?

Yes, you can and in some cases are given preferential status. You are considered a legacy in that fraternity even if your father went to a different school. Some chapters even consider brothers, uncles, and cousins with the ability to give you legacy status.

Do all fraternities have houses?

At the University of Washington all of our IFC fraternity chapters have houses. In some instances some chapters will have multiple houses. These can vary from the main chapter house to live-out where older members tend to reside. Most new members are expected to live in the main house once school starts, however some are more flexible with this. It’s up to you to ask each fraternity about their new member policies.

How many students are in Greek Life at UW?

Between Sorority and Fraternity life there are over 4,600 students in our community! Our community is inclusive, diverse, and creates opportunity for you to create lifelong friendships and memories.

How much do fraternities cost?

Fraternities cost on average $2,700 per quarter which usually includes all living costs and a meal plan. Our housing is a cheaper option than living in the dorms, more convenient than finding and leasing your own apartment, and is conveniently located just north of campus. Additionally, our housing provides a support system and cohesiveness that can’t be replicated or experienced in any place other than a fraternity.

When’s the deadline to join a fraternity?

While there is no overarching strict deadline to join a fraternity at the University of Washington, most of our fraternities sign their new incoming classes for fall quarter, recruiting heavily between May and the end of August. That being said, some fraternities also sign new members in the Winter and Spring quarters.

Do I have to live in dorms before moving into a fraternity?

No, at the University of Washington we allow our members to decide where they want to live right from the beginning. If you choose to sign a bid card and become a member of one of our fraternities, you can start living in your chapter’s house during fall quarter. We are one of the few universities in the nation that allow you to live in the fraternity house in your first term at school!

What can I expect while rushing (recruitment)?

Rush is an exciting time during your potential new member process! During rush you can expect to go on many house tours, meet lots of great people, and see some of the wonderful things the Pacific Northwest has to offer. It is a time to figure out what houses reflect your values and the experiences you seek. This will hopefully culminate in you receiving several bids to join different fraternities, giving you the ultimate decision to become a member of our unique community.

What are the benefits of joining a fraternity?

Joining a fraternity provides a man numerous benefits. It’s one of the cheapest living options and it’s close to campus. Fraternity membership opens the door to many leadership development opportunities, a strong community of support and guidance, and networking potential for internships or careers, especially through alumni networks. Additionally, there are plenty of social opportunities which can alleviate pressure from school, cultivate lifelong friendships and create fulfilling college experiences. From gamedays, intramural sports, exchanges, and formal events, unique experiences abound that are not quite available anywhere else than in the Greek Community.  

What is the time commitment like if I join?

Your time commitment will vary from how involved you are within your house. Expect to spend at a minimum around 3-4 hours a week being committed to your fraternity. Even the most involved members still have time to study, play intramural sports, and explore Seattle. Like many other things in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out.  

Are Greek students able to maintain a high grade point average (GPA) in the greek community?

Students often find managing their time difficult when moving from the highly structured high school environment to the freedoms of college. The Greek community can assist students in their transition to becoming a successful University of Washington student. Being a member of the Greek community gives students access to a vast network of fellow Greeks studying similar subjects who can help to guide them academically. Each fraternity at UW also works hard to educate their members on campus resources such as study skill centers, computer labs, and libraries. It should also be noted that Greeks have consistently achieved a higher GPA than the all-undergraduate student body. Click here for listing of Past Grade Reports.

Will working and going to school conflict with fraternity membership?

Actually, many students involved in the UW Greek community are also employed outside of the classroom. In today's world, the reality is that only the lucky few can afford to attend college without outside employment. Fraternities recognize that it is important for members to be able to meet their financial obligations. Working students can still take advantage of the opportunities available through the Greek community, and some may even qualify for scholarships available within each organization.

Who is in charge of a fraternity?

A variety of individuals oversee the operations of fraternities at the University of Washington. Fraternity members elected to officer positions in each organization manage the day-to-day operations of the fraternity. These officers are assisted by members serving on committees and by alumni who act as advisors. In addition, each Greek organization at UW is associated with its national organization, which offers support, advice, and direction through a paid professional staff and regional volunteers. Professional staff from the University are also employed to assist and monitor the activities of Greek organizations, through organizations like the Intrafraternity Council.