Greek Awards

It's the moment you've been waiting all year for-- Greek Award applications! Awards will be held on February 2nd in the HUB from 7-9! Attached are 3 documents:

1. IFC Chapter Award submission materials: delegate awards based off of officer positions

2. IFC Individual Award applications: individual members can either apply themselves or have someone nominate them for an award. I strongly recommend reaching out to people in your chapter who are exemplary in each of these categories.

I hope this all makes sense and if not feel free to reach out to me at

Awards are due on December 1st no later than 6pm to with the subject of the email being the chapter and the award title, and each document must be submitted as a PDF with the document being titled ChapterName.AwardName.PDF (all of this is in the documents). Any documents not received in this format will not be considered. 


Happy applying and let me know if you have any questions! 


Ryan Dusenberry

VP of Member Development