Greeks Take Action

Sexual assault and relationship violence is one of the most pressing issues facing college campuses around the nation, including the University of Washington. Greeks Take Action is an initiative launched in March 2016, in partnership with the UW Panhellenic Council, along with the UW Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA) and the UW Peer Health Educators (PHE), with the purpose of:

  • Promoting awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault among the members of our community;

  • Re-evaluating the way that the community works to prevent instances of sexual violence by implementing a variety of programs, trainings, and other events, using research-backed methodologies along with innovative new approaches;

  • Launching a comprehensive platform which can provide a sustainable approach towards preventing sexual violence on multiple levels, including an individual, chapter-wide and community level basis.

Preliminary Outcomes:

Progress thus far includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Engagement from 36+ chapters, with 11 chapters achieving over 60+ counts of individual participation;

  • 800+ counts of individual participation from members of the Greek Community in events sponsored by SARVA, PHE, or other 3rd party organizations;

  • Pledges from 20+ chapters to take tangible steps towards supporting survivors, educating themselves and others, and becoming active bystanders.

Sample Events: 

The following examples showcase ways in which fraternity chapters have engaged with the Greeks Take Action initiative. Use these examples as a way to leverage involvement from your chapter! 

  • Host a joint-chapter programming event with the Fight the Fear Foundation, a Seattle-based non-profit organization focused on empowering survivors of sexual violence

  • Attend Take Back the Night: Take Back the Night is a quarterly event hosted by SARVA, which provides a platform for survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence to share their stories. Treat this as an opportunity to listen, and be respectful and supportive.

  • Host a screening of the Hunting Ground at your chapter: The Hunting Ground is an award-winning documentary which highlights the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses around the United States, and documents many of the challenges that survivors face during the reporting process. Watch it on Netflix today!

  • Have a conversation about masculinity: Masculinity, and toxic masculinity are two of the most underrecognized factors contributing to sexual violence in fraternities. Not sure where to start? Watch the Mask You Live In on Netflix.

  • Participate or attend the Anonymous Greek Survivors Panel: This was a brand new event cohosted by the IFC this past Spring. Participants were asked to read stories submitted anonymously by survivors of sexual assault within the community. The event highlights the harsh reality of sexual violence and serves as a call-to-action for community members.

  • Attend a Green Dot Bystander Intervention training: This is a 6 hours comprehensive training hosted by UW Green Dot, in order to encourage bystander intervention.


A number of resources are available on the UW Health and Wellness page: 

Greeks in Action

Immediate Resources

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault, please visit the following webpage for information on resources for survivors and how to report a sexual assault.

The Health and Wellness Advocate is another excellent resource for survivors, (206) 685-4357

If you need to get help for someone who you believe may be suffering from depression, self-harming, or at risk for suicide, do not hesitate to contact or call 206.543.6085. That may be the most important decision you ever make.