Housing & Cost of Living

Fraternity residential housing has been a long-standing tradition at UW, with over 115 years of history. Fraternity chapters house up to 20% percent of the incoming male freshmen class and give students the unique opportunity to live alongside your fraternity brothers.

Chapter houses hold between 15-110 students comfortably, and many include a chapter chef, weight rooms, libraries or quiet study rooms, common living areas, basketball courts, on-site laundry facilities, spacious dining and kitchen, high speed wireless internet, and recreational areas that include large theater rooms and pool tables.

Living a fraternity chapter is typically less expensive than living in a residence hall. If you have already signed-up for a residence hall, you may be eligible to receive a full refund of your deposit. If you join a fraternity, and your membership is reported to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (OFSL) before August 31st, Housing & Food Services (HFS) will offer a refund. After that date, HFS will not refund your deposit; however, many chapters will offer to reimburse the cost of your deposit if necessary. Keeping in contact with your chapter's recruitment chairmen is the best way to ensure the prompt reporting of your membership to the OFSL.

Average Fraternity Living Cost


(Low: $1,725/qtr; High: $3,465/qtr)

Average New Member Fee: $240

*This includes room, meals, and membership dues.

Average Residence Hall Living Cost


$2,909/qtr Room (Low: $1,551/qtr; High: $3,712/qtr)

$1,054/qtr Dinning Plan (Low: $819/qtr; High: $1,884)

Average University Apartment Living Cost


$1,194/qtr Room (Low: $838/qtr; High: $1,945/qtr)

$1,054/qtr Dinning Plan (Low: $819/qtr; High: $1,884)

*Based on 2014-15 Rates, Level 3 (middle tier) Dinning Plan, Requires 12-month Contract