Your son was recently admitted to one of the finest institutions for higher education. Along with the decision to attend the University of Washington come many unique opportunities not open to students who have chosen other paths. One of these opportunities is the choice to join a fraternity. The UW Interfraternity Council (IFC) website will introduce both you and your son to the benefits of fraternity.

Each of the 32 member fraternities of the UW IFC will provide your son with an academic support network, sports and recreational outlet, philanthropic involvement, mentors and social opportunities unmatched elsewhere. Fraternities also facilitate a successful transition from where your son is now into college. Greek life at the UW provides an instantaneous network of friends and peers who can, and will, assist your son with anything and everything related to the university. Whether it is the most efficient route to class, the right professor for English 101, or simply the best spot to study, the fraternity experience will assist your son throughout his college experience. For more information regarding housing costs please visit the Housing and Costs page.

Please take the time read through our website and familiarize yourself with the Greek Community at the University of Washington. If you have questions, please contact us at the Interfraternity Council.