What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of joining a fraternity. IFC Recruitment at the University of Washington takes on two different shapes.

1. The first is our informal recruitment process. As one of the largest greek communities on the west coast, we recognize that making an informed decision about which fraternity to join can take much time and consideration. Through informal recruitment, potential new members are able to contact fraternities and attend recruitment events as they please, building their own relationship with each fraternity. Informal recruitment takes place over spring and summer. It can include a variety of experiences, from house tours and barbeques to boating and baseball games.


Click on the button below to Sign up for informal recruitment today! Once on the list, IFC fraternities can reach out, introduce you to their organization, and invite you to recruitment events.

2. The second form of IFC recruitment is a structured recruitment week (5 days). During the summer, potential new members stay on campus and have the opportunity to see the fraternities in small groups, under the guide of a recruitment counselor. Recruitment week is especially ideal for students who live farther away, allowing them to make a confident decision in one trip. There will be two recruitment weeks this year:



The base registration fee is $125 (covers meals and materials). For men staying on campus during Recruitment Week there is an additional housing cost of $225.

*Cancellation Fee: After registering for recruitment week, if you cancel up to three weeks prior to the session you signed up for, you will receive a 50% discount off your total amount paid. For example, if you signed up for just the $125 base registration fee, then you would receive $62.5 back from your paid amount. If you cancel anytime after three weeks before a recruitment week, you will not receive a refund and will pay the full amount.