Go Greek!

The University of Washington Greek community offers a variety of experiences for students. As the largest Greek community on the West coast, with over 30 unique fraternities just north of campus, there is a chapter that offers the right experience for every student.


Informal Recruitment Process

To join one of our fraternities, potential new members (PNMs) go through an informal recruitment process, where they interact with various fraternities through recruitment events.

The recruitment process is unique to each chapter, as there are no set times or days established for recruitment; our informal recruitment process is a year-round activity. While every chapter is unique, recruitment usually includes chapter tours, meals, sporting events, day trips and more.


Receiving an Invitation to Join

We encourage each PNM to visit as many chapters and speak to as many community members as possible to find the best chapter for them. Through the recruitment process, it is likely that a PNM will be invited to join one or more organizations. This invitation is commonly referred to as a bid. Once the bid has been signed, the bid will indicate that a PNM is now a new member of that chapter. If a PNM is offered multiple bids during his recruitment, it will be up to the PNM to choose the chapter that best fits them. Discussing the process with the recruitment chairman and other members of the chapter helps aid PNMs in their decision. 

Because recruitment is an informal process for University of Washington fraternities, there is no one time that fraternities can recruit new members. While informal recruitment allows PNMs more freedom in exploring chapters, it can be a daunting task to begin the process on one's own. The IFC has several resources for PNMs and their families to guide them through this process.  


Getting Started

Our Recruitment List offers PNMs the opportunity to share their contact and background information with each of our chapters. By signing up on this list, PNMs may be contacted by recruitment chairmen. The recruitment list is the best way for PNMs to begin the recruitment process; however, PNMs are free to contact any chapter(s) they are interested in directly. While joining our recruitment list is not mandatory, it it recommended. Contact information for each chapter can be found on their profile, under the "FRATERNITIES' tab. 


Out of State Students & Long Distance Week

It is much easier for young men who live within driving distance of Seattle to visit fraternities during the summer than men who are coming to the university from out of state. IFC recognizes this and has created a long distance week program (LDW) to make it easier for out-of-state men to join fraternities. LDW is a week with events for out-of-state men to get a feel for what Greek life is on our campus.

During LDW, PNMs will get the opportunity to do the following:

  • Tour multiple chapter houses, meeting members from each chapter you visit.

  • Learn about. . .

    • . . . the academic standards of Greek Life.

    • . . . housing costs and options.

    • . . . philanthropy and community service ventures.

    • . . . social and professional opportunities.

    • . . . mentorship and networking opportunities through alumni.

  • Explore our beautiful campus.

  • Engage in off-campus excursions with fraternity members.

Your registration fee will cover housing in McMahon (residence) Hall. McMahon Hall is located along the east side of our campus and is a mere five minute walk from the Greek community.

Meals will be provided at McMahon Hall as well. However, you may choose to eat with fraternity men at their chapter or during an off-campus excursion.


Contact Us

If you have questions regarding recruitment, please contact the IFC Director of Recruitment directly at:

Email: ifcjoin@uw.edu

Phone: (206) 543-1810